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Gardening has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; it is part of the legacy that my grandparents passed down to their children and grandchildren. From the shared excitement of seed catalogs arriving in the mail, to seeing the seedlings sprouting in planters on our kitchen windowsills, to planting and harvesting and preserving, gardening was something that the entire family participated in. To this day, no summer is complete without at least a tomato plant or two growing in our garden, even if my plants never reach the stature of those that my grandfather grew or require a step ladder to reach the highest fruit on the vines.

If you are blessed with a green thumb, you'll be delighted with the fresh and colorful garden-inspired designs in this issue. From our cover projects—the Seed Pack Towels—to the Herb Garden Markers and Gardening Sampler, there's a bumper crop of designs waiting to be stitched.

As summer approaches, my thoughts also turn to the upcoming events and milestones that we'll be celebrating. Our youngest daughter will be wrapping up her freshman year of high school. We are looking forward to celebrating birthdays for our three grandchildren. And, of course, we will be kicking off lake season. Summer can't get here soon enough!

As always, please keep posting pictures of your latest works-in-progress and be sure to tag us at our Facebook and Instagram pages. We love seeing what you're working on!

Until next issue, friends,

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Tanya Fox, editor

Tanya Fox has served as editor of various Annie's publications since 2006.

She said, "I have enjoyed stitching and creating art of all kinds since very early in life. My earliest creative memory is of sewing doll clothes with my mom and grandmother. I learned embroidery and cross-stitch from my great grandmother in my early teens starting with simple stamped designs and progressing to projects on stitched on Aida and linen. I truly love that whether I'm working with fabric and floss, yarn or paper, there's always something new to learn. Part of what makes stitching so enjoyable is sharing what I know and learning from others."

Tanya is a native of Indiana, and she and her husband, Jim, have six children.

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